Friday, September 13, 2013

Toxic Flower Costume

 This Toxic Flower costume is based off something invented for a story I've come to call Life of Lewa. A friend of mine made this simplistic drawing of a toxic flower inspired off semi poisonous flowers we invented for the Life of Lewa tale (Image of redone drawing is displayed below. See here for the image on my friends DA Toxic Flower Redon-by Figmentrose.) After seeing this concept drawing, I thought of a fashion design based of the very shape of her drawing, where two parts of the flower wrapped around the chest and connected behind the neck, and the third petal served as a skirt flap with leaf overlay for the rest of the outfit. I thought of something tribal based, and naturally gave the figure leather lace up sandals for swift, quiet movement through the forest, while still staying cool in the humid rainforest region. Being that the costume is tropical based, made me love the process of combining two different desktop images to make a very jungle like theme with hints of tribal designs for the background. This costume is also semi Cirque based, reflecting a slight style of Saltimbanco; but most of all I see this outfit being worn by the alien beings in the Life of Lewa tale, which I've come to call Junti, the jungle type dwellers. 

Below are the four step base drawings to this fashion design. Top left is the inked sketch, to the top right is the scanned image before level adjustment, bottom left is the image after level adjustment, and bottom right is the digitally colored version.

 The mediums used to color the design are Prismacolor pencils, jell pen, and pastel. I colored the design digitally first, so I could decide what color scheme to use; then I colored the actual drawing to look like the digital version, and it ended up far more stunning in color quality compared to the digital version, rich in color and vibrancy, especially the green and purple hues.

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