Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oceanic Atlantis dress

 The Oceanic Atlantis dress, also mentioned about in this post here Aquatic Costumes was inspired off Atlantis themes, specifically after watching a cartoon with a few episodes containing Atlantis themes. The design is rather simplistic, but was none the less fun to sketch out, and like it's sister Mer-Dress I decided to make a background to fit its theme. I felt that lily pads and large flowers seemed to fit oddly well, complete with aquatic teal colored backdrops that have a marble feel to them. I thought about lily pads serving as stepping stones for going across a large underground lake that leads to a water based city, and the figure seems to fit the part of being either a servant in some underwater kingdom, or possibly a princess who's secretly touring the palace grounds. But all in all this design is just a simple costume concept, nothing too special, but fun to make. Perhaps someday I'll invent a small story to fit with it, just for fun. ^.~

Note all but the drawing part was done digitally. I used an old paper backdrop and colored it differently, then added Nouveau motifs, hence getting my lily pad scene.  

Left is original pencil sketch of the figure. Note her face looks a little better in pencil form, not sure why, but it pleases me more. To the right is the base image shown in the Aquatic Costumes post, without added backdrop. Note the skirt has been added to, something I felt looked interesting at the time, though now I have slight second thoughts; oh well, it's finished and that's that. Enjoy! ^.^

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