Thursday, September 12, 2013


 Nothing like a beautiful, and long awaiting mermaid picture for sharing on a 90 degree day. I can't believe how wonderful this turned out; I posted this picture originally here alongside another aquatic based outfit which I wanted to display in the moment. But, being that I like atmosphere and themes, I've always wanted to display the designs on more than just white, and give more details about the individual designs in their own separate posts. What I did to get my backdrop for this costume design was scan some of my favorite scrapbook die cuts of tropical plants and fish (I might share the collection of scanned die cuts for you to play with at a later time). The scanned die cuts worked beautifully as I played in Photoshop, and then I selected some water and sand from a few desktop images in my collection to complete this under the sea costume. With a little tweaking of the burn tool, I added some shading to the sand, worked wonderfully; and the jelly fish pictures were the perfect color, matching to the exact shades of the costume itself, and helped pull it all together. I'm completely satisfied with how great scanned scrapbook supplies work with digital art. No doubt I'll be doing much more of it in the future. 
 Above is the plain display of the costume, also shared in previous post. But, as I stated, this design is inspired off of the Cirque Du Soleil "Varekai" show, specifically inspired off the yellow costume the contortionist is wearing, starting on 0:34 in the video below. Go ahead and have a peek at this clip from the Varekai show, you might just be inspired by it too. ^.~ can't actually embed it because they've prohibited the option, but you can view it through link.

Below are the base images showing step by step process of my work in progress for the mer-costume. On the top left is the pencil sketch, then on the top right is the inked drawing; (note I drew scales but left them pencil since I would be playing with scale effects digitally instead). On the bottom left corner and right corner are just a few displays to show color steps in my design; notice how drab it looks without scales, shading, and makeup.

Hope you enjoyed this exotic and tropical image. Stay tuned for a few more tropical/aquatic images before the harvest moon comes. ^.^

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