Friday, September 27, 2013

Hibernate, revised edition

The Beauty of this geometrical image never seizes to enchant me. The original post to this piece can be found here Illustration Friday- "Hibernate" . This post is to show the newest rendition of the piece (top left), and I'll tell you a bit more behind how I did it. When I first made the image, I was using a not so perfect program for editing and art making known as It worked well enough, but when it comes to stunning adjustments with color impact, Photoshop saves the day. The image adjusted in (top right) is rather muted in color even after I made adjustments in the program. Note that before any adjustment the image was very gray and almost entirely muted after a scan (below left). The adjustments made in did the job well enough that I could share it, but the moon never seemed bright enough. That's when I decided to play with it; I went in and took the selection brush, then selected the moon, fairy, and plant life. After that I tweaked the levels which resulted in stunning brightness and hue. The brush strokes and muted blue backdrop were also fixed from the level tweak, and became a deep blue as the sky color was meant to be when I first made the piece. I think the adjustments helped bring that glowing life of Autumn to the picture as it needed, and I was left so satisfied by it that I replaced the previous muted version on the original post with the revised version. Because of this I feel it's only fair to display the new edition beside its long existing predecessor.

 Note the images displayed show each step of the adjustment process. On the right bottom we have the outline, then left bottom is the first step and original scan before adjustment, top right is the first adjustment made in, and top left is the newest revised version with stunning vibrancy from adjustments made in Photoshop. I love tweaking old work to make it better, hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do. ^.~

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