Sunday, September 22, 2013

Farmer's Wall, revised edition

 I blogged about this art piece once before; see here Farmer's Wall. As I mentioned in previous post "Colors of the Wind" I wished to post better displayed imagery of previous art pieces. Reason why I'm re-posting this one is because the alignment was off. Though not entirely noticable, if you zoom in close to the original picture (displayed below on left side) you can see the alignment is off. Once I learned that ctrl is all you have to press in order to have free alignment, I knew the problem could be easily fixed. This resulted in the revised edition of Farmer's wall above; The only thing you'll find that's different is the overall tone.
After making a realigned version of the image in Photoshop, I tweaked the levels to make it look better, but this time it ended up with a different shade. To the left you'll see the original image when I first assembled it; notice the overall appearance of it has more blue shades, specifically in the stones. I'm not sure how this happened, it looks nice if not for the alignment issue, but the color is definitely different to that of the revised edition. The revised edition needed little tweaking, and naturally had more of a yellow tone to it, as the actual image does. Overall the shade of revised edition is more accurate to the actual image, and has the right look for everything having a yellow hint due to sunset. But, though more accurate, I'm not sure if real color looks as good as the bluer toned predecessor of this image. Hard to say, which is why I decided to display both for the sake of reference.

In some ways I like the color scheme of the previous before revision, but the alignment bugs me, and I don't feel like spending more time on something so old, in attempt to get a color scheme closer to that of it's unaligned predecessor. But, if it bugs me enough, I may one day work on this a little more, and slip it into this post. Till then, enjoy the season. ^.~

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