Saturday, September 21, 2013

Colors of the Wind

This is a marker and pen sketch from 2009; guess I was in the mood for color. Though it's just a sketch, nothing extravagant. I love the combo of colors I used for the wind and leaves, like a cluster of fairy tones, which is why I sometimes like to call it "Autumn fairy wind ".

I've been rummaging through my old sketches again, and am hoping to get more Autumn based pieces up for viewing. I also may be posting a few old pieces already shown on the blog, since I've been rescanning and fixing a few flaws in previously scanned pieces. Now that I have some better experience with split can and merge methods, have plenty of room to play with Photoshop elements 8, and am able to achieve pleasant level tweaks to better show the colors of my old work; I think it's about time I display my images, old or new, to their fullest. 

I'd say this colorful wind image would make an interesting postcard, and can even hold an expression of beauty and imagination, being carried as colors in the wind, sweeping across the mind and gently tickling creativity and artistic muse. I'll admit that's a rather poetic way to look at a sketch which had no main significance before.

One more thing I'd like to add, just to give a little more atmosphere to the sketch and poetic concept behind it, is a song from a new music group I was introduced to recently called, "Two Steps From Hell". Yes, I know it's an odd name, but the songs are great, especially for getting ideas. Here's one I've been enjoying, just below.

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