Friday, September 27, 2013

Hibernate, revised edition

The Beauty of this geometrical image never seizes to enchant me. The original post to this piece can be found here Illustration Friday- "Hibernate" . This post is to show the newest rendition of the piece (top left), and I'll tell you a bit more behind how I did it. When I first made the image, I was using a not so perfect program for editing and art making known as It worked well enough, but when it comes to stunning adjustments with color impact, Photoshop saves the day. The image adjusted in (top right) is rather muted in color even after I made adjustments in the program. Note that before any adjustment the image was very gray and almost entirely muted after a scan (below left). The adjustments made in did the job well enough that I could share it, but the moon never seemed bright enough. That's when I decided to play with it; I went in and took the selection brush, then selected the moon, fairy, and plant life. After that I tweaked the levels which resulted in stunning brightness and hue. The brush strokes and muted blue backdrop were also fixed from the level tweak, and became a deep blue as the sky color was meant to be when I first made the piece. I think the adjustments helped bring that glowing life of Autumn to the picture as it needed, and I was left so satisfied by it that I replaced the previous muted version on the original post with the revised version. Because of this I feel it's only fair to display the new edition beside its long existing predecessor.

 Note the images displayed show each step of the adjustment process. On the right bottom we have the outline, then left bottom is the first step and original scan before adjustment, top right is the first adjustment made in, and top left is the newest revised version with stunning vibrancy from adjustments made in Photoshop. I love tweaking old work to make it better, hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do. ^.~

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Farmer's Wall, revised edition

 I blogged about this art piece once before; see here Farmer's Wall. As I mentioned in previous post "Colors of the Wind" I wished to post better displayed imagery of previous art pieces. Reason why I'm re-posting this one is because the alignment was off. Though not entirely noticable, if you zoom in close to the original picture (displayed below on left side) you can see the alignment is off. Once I learned that ctrl is all you have to press in order to have free alignment, I knew the problem could be easily fixed. This resulted in the revised edition of Farmer's wall above; The only thing you'll find that's different is the overall tone.
After making a realigned version of the image in Photoshop, I tweaked the levels to make it look better, but this time it ended up with a different shade. To the left you'll see the original image when I first assembled it; notice the overall appearance of it has more blue shades, specifically in the stones. I'm not sure how this happened, it looks nice if not for the alignment issue, but the color is definitely different to that of the revised edition. The revised edition needed little tweaking, and naturally had more of a yellow tone to it, as the actual image does. Overall the shade of revised edition is more accurate to the actual image, and has the right look for everything having a yellow hint due to sunset. But, though more accurate, I'm not sure if real color looks as good as the bluer toned predecessor of this image. Hard to say, which is why I decided to display both for the sake of reference.

In some ways I like the color scheme of the previous before revision, but the alignment bugs me, and I don't feel like spending more time on something so old, in attempt to get a color scheme closer to that of it's unaligned predecessor. But, if it bugs me enough, I may one day work on this a little more, and slip it into this post. Till then, enjoy the season. ^.~

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Colors of the Wind

This is a marker and pen sketch from 2009; guess I was in the mood for color. Though it's just a sketch, nothing extravagant. I love the combo of colors I used for the wind and leaves, like a cluster of fairy tones, which is why I sometimes like to call it "Autumn fairy wind ".

I've been rummaging through my old sketches again, and am hoping to get more Autumn based pieces up for viewing. I also may be posting a few old pieces already shown on the blog, since I've been rescanning and fixing a few flaws in previously scanned pieces. Now that I have some better experience with split can and merge methods, have plenty of room to play with Photoshop elements 8, and am able to achieve pleasant level tweaks to better show the colors of my old work; I think it's about time I display my images, old or new, to their fullest. 

I'd say this colorful wind image would make an interesting postcard, and can even hold an expression of beauty and imagination, being carried as colors in the wind, sweeping across the mind and gently tickling creativity and artistic muse. I'll admit that's a rather poetic way to look at a sketch which had no main significance before.

One more thing I'd like to add, just to give a little more atmosphere to the sketch and poetic concept behind it, is a song from a new music group I was introduced to recently called, "Two Steps From Hell". Yes, I know it's an odd name, but the songs are great, especially for getting ideas. Here's one I've been enjoying, just below.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oceanic Atlantis dress

 The Oceanic Atlantis dress, also mentioned about in this post here Aquatic Costumes was inspired off Atlantis themes, specifically after watching a cartoon with a few episodes containing Atlantis themes. The design is rather simplistic, but was none the less fun to sketch out, and like it's sister Mer-Dress I decided to make a background to fit its theme. I felt that lily pads and large flowers seemed to fit oddly well, complete with aquatic teal colored backdrops that have a marble feel to them. I thought about lily pads serving as stepping stones for going across a large underground lake that leads to a water based city, and the figure seems to fit the part of being either a servant in some underwater kingdom, or possibly a princess who's secretly touring the palace grounds. But all in all this design is just a simple costume concept, nothing too special, but fun to make. Perhaps someday I'll invent a small story to fit with it, just for fun. ^.~

Note all but the drawing part was done digitally. I used an old paper backdrop and colored it differently, then added Nouveau motifs, hence getting my lily pad scene.  

Left is original pencil sketch of the figure. Note her face looks a little better in pencil form, not sure why, but it pleases me more. To the right is the base image shown in the Aquatic Costumes post, without added backdrop. Note the skirt has been added to, something I felt looked interesting at the time, though now I have slight second thoughts; oh well, it's finished and that's that. Enjoy! ^.^

Friday, September 13, 2013

Toxic Flower Costume

 This Toxic Flower costume is based off something invented for a story I've come to call Life of Lewa. A friend of mine made this simplistic drawing of a toxic flower inspired off semi poisonous flowers we invented for the Life of Lewa tale (Image of redone drawing is displayed below. See here for the image on my friends DA Toxic Flower Redon-by Figmentrose.) After seeing this concept drawing, I thought of a fashion design based of the very shape of her drawing, where two parts of the flower wrapped around the chest and connected behind the neck, and the third petal served as a skirt flap with leaf overlay for the rest of the outfit. I thought of something tribal based, and naturally gave the figure leather lace up sandals for swift, quiet movement through the forest, while still staying cool in the humid rainforest region. Being that the costume is tropical based, made me love the process of combining two different desktop images to make a very jungle like theme with hints of tribal designs for the background. This costume is also semi Cirque based, reflecting a slight style of Saltimbanco; but most of all I see this outfit being worn by the alien beings in the Life of Lewa tale, which I've come to call Junti, the jungle type dwellers. 

Below are the four step base drawings to this fashion design. Top left is the inked sketch, to the top right is the scanned image before level adjustment, bottom left is the image after level adjustment, and bottom right is the digitally colored version.

 The mediums used to color the design are Prismacolor pencils, jell pen, and pastel. I colored the design digitally first, so I could decide what color scheme to use; then I colored the actual drawing to look like the digital version, and it ended up far more stunning in color quality compared to the digital version, rich in color and vibrancy, especially the green and purple hues.