Friday, August 2, 2013

Three themes, one page-fashion

These fashion designs date back to around 2010 or slightly before. From left to right (30's flower dress, modern Medieval, and flower fairy outfit) The above panel has been arranged into a more appealing sequence, and has been adjusted in levels for more crispness and vibrancy. I drew these designs on the same page, hence the title "Three themes, one page".

(Left) Original image before level adjustment and rearrangement.

I just randomly designed some outfits on the paper, but later I felt the design which draped most and contained no creamy yellow should be put in the center, and the other two with similar colors should go on either side.

Because I enjoy displaying my designs on backdrops, I went ahead and displayed the three on backdrops and frames which help express their theme more. Each one contains its own unique display; the 30's flower dress was given a frame which resembles an aged seed sack style, complete with vines for a countryside appeal. The flower fairy outfit was placed on a backdrop which matches its colors, and displays the dress like it's in a forest of flowers and whimsical vines, the pink roses added to pick up on the gentle pink hints in the outfit, and coincide with the flower theme. And last is the modern Medieval outfit, based off Celtic jig outfits and displayed with an emerald wall paper frame, complete with black vines and leaves that slightly resemble the appearance of clovers or shamrocks. (All displayed below)
30's Flower
Flower Fairy
Something I also noticed about each display in the order listed, is that they each phase over into a different season. 30's Flower seems to have an Autumn feel, Flower Fairy has an early April feel, and Modern Medieval has a middle May feel.
Modern Medieval
At some point I may draw these designs on a base model to show what they look like if worn by a character, till then the designs are pleasant the way they are.

Mediums used for these designs- Prismacolor pencils, cheap marker, marker pen, and gold jell pen for making the designs on the Modern Medieval outfit.

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