Thursday, August 8, 2013

Teal Floof-fashion

 This was my test design I did on one of my fashion forms yesterday. It came out better that I intended; the blouse is based off an actual shirt I own, which happens to be the exact color I gave it for this outfit. The skirt is simplistic, based off a basic pattern which has been used for many of my real skirts; only I did a test try on using the bucket tool and setting it to fill with pattern option. This gave me a fun polka dot print for the skirt, which I would love to have. I also played around with making white stockings, and my favorite part of the entire outfit has to be the shoes. I had to make a few tweaks when drawing the shoes over the feet; and had to erase the feet once the shoes were drawn over them. This pretty set of blue, white topped pumps, came out so simple, yet so cute; they remind me of white wall tires on a teal blue car from the 50's. I also went ahead and added my own designs of jewelry, based off actually blue beads I own, which will be made into a set of earrings at some point. I added in the additional plastic pearl fillers to the jewelry, being that pearls go well with blue and polka dots. I was going for a simple retro costume jewelry style, being that the shoes have that feel of retro goodness. And, last detail on this piece, if you look real close, I painted the nails of my figure to match the outfit, and I happen to have an actual nail polish called "Mrs. Mint" which is a perfect shade to wear with an outfit like this.

Just because, (left) is the basic outline form of the design; which is missing accessories like shoes and jewelry, and most importantly, color and pattern. And (right) is the completed version of the outfit, without an added frame. Couldn't decide if it looked better alone or with a frame, so I made both.

Hope you enjoyed it, be sure to drop by for more future designs. ^.^

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