Thursday, August 8, 2013

Personalized fashion form

For ages I've wanted to have some drawing forms that resemble the actual shape of an average person's body; specifically my own. So what I did was simple; I took my camera and set it on its tripod, then set the camera to self time photo. This resulted in self posed snapshots of myself in a bathing suit...kind of embarrassing. After that I uploaded the images onto the computer and got to work. I used invisible layers, and one white layer, then outlined over the photos with a size 4 brush. Once I was done with the forms I felt they needed to be a little taller, being that I normally wear heels with my outfits, so I went and stretched the legs slightly to fit that aspect of height difference when wearing shoes. The forms below are originals before stretching; they look super short, though I'm not really as short as it may seem. I went ahead and traced over the face while I was it, just to make this form official; and of course I added circles to indicate breast size, being that I needed a guide for how to draw the clothing over top the form.

And just like that, you can make your own personalized fashion form for drawing, to sketch out clothes with you in mind. ^.~

Also, I did put one of the forms to the test, and drew a design on it. I found out once clothes are on the structure, it looks way better. So stay tuned for my first test design, coming in next post.

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