Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tooty Fruity Frilly-fashion

"Tooty Fruity Frilly", name kind of jingles doesn't it? I was in a very colorful mood at the time, and a pretty skirt design came to mind, one of green with pink ruffles. I must have been feeling kind of tropical when I made this; the idea most likely associated with another day dream which takes place on some tropical island, thus leading to vibrant colors and flower themed jewelry. I can see this outfit being worn during a warm sunny day along a coast line filled with flowers and fresh fruit; the skirt material light weight and breathable, which sways and ruffles in the gentle wind.

For the backdrop I used three different desktop images, and actually had to work more on this one than I did the others. I changed the hue of one, and made it slightly translucent, which is how I got that blue green color in the backdrop. I then placed the improved overlay onto a pink backdrop which had a nice pattern to it, and adjusted its levels. Then I felt it needed a little something extra, and made it complete by adding some selected flowers to the corners, also made slightly transparent. It took a lot of level adjustments, hue adjustments, and transparency adjustments to get the backdrop; but I think it turned out good enough for matching the color and theme of the outfit. The backdrop makes me think of three things; sweet scented tropical winds, creamy fruit smoothies, or a design for a tropical fruit shampoo..specifically the right edge with the curved pattern on it. (I might use that idea sometime in the near future).

Just for comparison, original design (left) is muted in color and more dreamy because the amount of white reflection, and I simply increased the vibrancy of the image (right) with the same method I've used for each design, just adjusted the levels. The pose of this design isn't appealing to me, granted the outfit itself still pleases me, which is why I will definitely redraw this design on a better model someday in the future.

 Only two more panels to go from the "Artsy muse, past fashion clean up" post, so stay tuned. ^.~

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