Saturday, July 13, 2013

Squid Apron-fashion

 The squid apron design was a result of a funny little day dream of what you could wear in the kitchen to cook seafood. I like thinking of ways to make cooking time fun, keep clean, and look funny all in one. I thought, what a great idea, make themed aprons based off things in nature, like a costume for cooking in, essentially. The apron is made to look like a squid which fits around you; the bottom has large, colorful rick rack strips for tentacles, just decoration basically; and the eyes of the squid are actually pockets. 

When designing this apron, I drew a bowl of food in the models hand, based off one of my favorite Korean dishes (a name I can't even pronounce or read) consisting of tender fried squid, served on noodles, and smothered in a sweet but spicy hot sauce. This is why I made the backdrop look like an Asian restaurant, or an Asian based home. I simply used some basic motifs, adjusted the color for the floor, and purposely added a blue backdrop which resembles fish scales, to add that extra seafood them to the image.

Below, an image of me being an absolute goof, eating my favorite squid dish. See the yummy pile of food? That's what the model is holding in her silver bowl. A quick note, I based the food bowl in the model's hand off the silver rice bowl to the right in this picture. 

Below, just reference to the original pencil drawing (left) and the completed and enhanced version (right). The picture was inked with a marker pen, and colored with mostly La Plume markers, with just a hint of Prismacolor pencil on the skirt and silver bowl. Final touches were to place the figure on a pure white backdrop, and adjust levels.

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