Sunday, July 14, 2013

Squid and Jelly-illustration

 "Squid and Jelly" is quite an old image, dating back to around 2007-2008. I made this picture in an 11x14 sketchbook, drew it out with pencil, outlined and colored it with cheap markers. 

The backdrop, a very recent addition to this piece, was achieved digitally. I took two different images and changed them in Photoshop by using the paper cut out adjustment. This resulted in a fantasy like canyon in the ocean, complete with colorful coral beds. I wanted to make the backdrop so it looks like a close up of one of the coral beds in this canyon, where you find a happy squid and its jelly fish friend.The base elements did sort of blend with background colors though, so I went ahead and outlined the foreground pieces.

(Left) this is what the image is like without backdrop. Again I had to use split scan and merge methods to get this image onto the computer. From there it was pretty easy though, just a few level adjustments, erasing, and aligning. Pretty good for an old piece of art.

P.S. figured it would make sense to share a squid image right after posting about a squid apron. The two kind of connect. ^.^

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