Friday, July 5, 2013

Spring Gown-fashion

 "Spring Gown" a flowing green dress with pink flower accents, was based off a Medieval fashion idea, hence there's a teared belt on the dress. This drawing dates back around the same time as the "Onue-Koro Dress"; note the scratchy pen style and not at all perfect model. I do believe this design was based off a day dream of what I'd wear in a flower filled forest or garden. The sleeves of the dress are meant to look like flowers cuffed over the shoulder, with leaf lace standing up behind them, and translucent green fabric draped from underneath them. The model wears a woven circlet on her head, even if it's not very noticeable, and the dress's theme is kind of flower fairy based.

The background is made of two different desktop images compiled and adjusted to look like a plant filled forest or garden path, complete with blossoming bushes and a swirly vine tree. The image can serve well as a book cover as well as backdrop, and adds an instant spring time feeling.  

Below, the picture dearly needed clean up. The tinted paper with shadowed areas of the original (left) muted out the figure and is good for making the picture look old, but I wanted it to stand out. So I cut the figure from the backdrop and put her on pure white, adjusted levels, and there we go clean and vibrant (right).

 Hope you enjoyed all the fashion posts listed from "Artsy muse, past fashion clean up" post. Stay tuned for more fun projects and designs. Happy blogging. ^.~

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