Thursday, July 4, 2013

Onu-Koro Dress-fashion

 "Onu-Koro Dress" is a Bionicle based outfit, inspired from the colors and themes of Onu-Koro, underground earth element village in the Bionicle series. I was day dreaming one day about what my character would wear to Onu-Koro; my choices were obviously black with hints of color. I figured if you want to look stylish, but play it safe while underground, why not have an outfit which has luminescent decorations on the black material, so when you're in the dark, your outfit will glow and let people know where you are. And while you're at it, mind as well have matching jewelry, knee high socks, and shoes which glow too. Speaking of which, I did in fact add glow in the dark paint to the skirt details of the drawing,  just so I could remember the designs are meant to glow.

For the backdrop to this outfit, I took two different desktop images, used the corner of one, changed the hue and adjusted levels for the other. I was going for a theme that fits the Onu-Koro plant life, which I based the outfits designs off of, see below. I think the backdrop and odd blue color matched quite nicely. Last I added a Nouveau text frame, and wrote Onu-Koro in Matoran for an extra touch to the picture.

My color choices and style for the outfit are based off a scene from the Bionicle "Mask of Light" movie, where a character named Takua is observing a squiggly, luminescent plant life growing in the old tunnels of Onu-Koro. (left) The luminescent designs on the outfit are based off the plants in this scene.

 The outfit is based more off the movie version of the village, but I give reference as to what Onu-Koro  looks like in game version (left). 

This fashion design is far from perfect, the proportions aren't too great, and the design could use a few tweaks. In the future, a better version will be made, and hopefully the proportions will be better.(Below) Just a quick side by side of what I did to clean this image. I simply copied and pasted it to a white backdrop, and adjusted levels....unfortunately I can't really fix the sketchiness of the colored pencil, so it looks kind of scratchy, but the design is still fun. ^_^

Only one more design to go from the "Artsy muse, past fashion clean up" post, so stay tuned. ^.~

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