Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Obsession" illustration renewed

 If you read back on this post here you'll find the new version of the image uploaded there as it's listed above. As I state on the preceding post of this illustration, I made the image for Illustration Friday based on the word "Obsession". I thought about myself in that moment, and made a picture based off my two obsessions; towers of paper, and cups full of pens. The girl is quite whimsical, and represents me in a few ways; her expression representing my delight of having two of my favorite things present in front of me, her outfit expressing my frilly taste for fashion that matches my personality, and her long flowing hair and green eyes a reflection of myself, but not exact to me.

 The original image; photographed, cropped, and left as is (above) is all right for a photograph, but to me it lacked crispness and purer color, so I went ahead and scanned it to see if that would look better. Being that the paper I worked on is quite large, and the scanner fairly small, I have to scan my larger works in sections. Commonly they can be scanned as two sections, but it is a fairly irritating challenge to align the two halves and hope it's not too noticeable that the image is in fact two sections put together. In this case, for this image, you can barely tell this is the method I used, the only thing you have to do is hold ctrl while adjusting on programs like Photoshop, otherwise it tries to auto align and that makes it impossible to align the image as exact as possible.

So this is my challenge, and I plan to renew all my older pieces, hopefully for the better, by means of the split image scan method.

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