Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Midsummer Knight" illustration renewed

"Midsummer Knight" an original art piece dating back to 2011 (See original post here for details) was made for Illustration Friday based on the word of the week. The original version was photographed, and not very well displayed, so I set out to renew this quirky, fun piece. I went through several steps to renew this picture; the first was to make a split scan and merge the two sections together, as I did for the illustration "Obsession". Then I tweaked sections which needed better color, and settled on adding a few extra touches like additional lightning bug glow, and placing a blue filter over top the image for a more evening light feel (above). I think the one with additional lighting spots and blue filter is the best choice for a main image to display...but then again the original version still seems to have more impact. 

(Below) I list the original version without a blue filter but still retaining light spots. It's very pleasant, just much warmer in tone, and therefore more of an early evening light instead of late evening light. I felt it needed to be a little later in the evening, which is why I added a blue tint, but the warmer version still seems to be better.

 Original version (left) turned out great considering it was split scanned and pieced. As you can see, the dream bubble doesn't quite pop in this version, and the image isn't as magical feeling as the versions where I added additional lighting to the little gel pen dots which represent lightning bugs. Originally the gel pen was a yellow green color, but the scanner made them appear white, which is why I went and added extra flair to the barely noticeable dots.
 The Original photograph (above), isn't too bad as a general peep at the project; but as a final image for clear, crisp viewing, it's not so great. The details are considerably diminished by flash, and the colors are muted compared to the quality of a direct scan. Also, some of the edge details are lost due to minimal lense room on an old camera which doesn't have a wide screen option. Because of these set backs, I'm entirely happy about how the renewed version has turned out, regardless of the time it takes to make a split scan and assemble the halves together.

(Below) the picture when it's been split scanned and awaiting to me merged and adjusted. Amazing what you can do with a scanner and Photoshop isn't it? ^.^

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