Saturday, July 6, 2013

Illustration clean up

Since a large majority of my art pieces on this blog were taken with a camera,  I'm not very satisfied with their quality. They don't contain the impact of a nice clean image; which is why I've set out, starting today, to attempt scanning and piecing my works together. Unfortunately two of my scans weren't successful today, and will have to be done at a later time; however, the one illustration "Obsession" was successful, and I will post about it after this intro post. 

The images below are three 2011 dated illustrations, all of which I feel need to be scanned, pieced, and adjusted for better viewing. 

The illustration "Obsession" (left) is the one that came out successful; sadly the other two "Midsummer Knight's Dream" (bottom left) and "Gesture" (bottom right) did not turn out correctly, so they're still in line for scanning.

I'll include details on how I transfer these images to the computer, and one of the main reasons I used a camera before is because I didn't know how to use the scanner. ^.^

 Just so you can view these illustration and read of their process, here are the links to their pages, strait from this blog. And for all my illustrated pieces, be sure to check out my new (illustrations and sketches) section of the blog.

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