Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grecian Teal gown- fahsion

 "Grecian teal gown" is one of the first fashion designs I ever drew in my fashion notebook (someday to be shared). I was dreaming of teal blues and silky fabric that drapes and flows like liquid, yet clings close to shape. This lead to a sketch which is based off more of the Grecian styled clothing where you have a large piece of fabric you wrap around yourself, like a sari. The blouse is the part you wrap, and the rest is an under dress complete with silky shawl. I do believe this idea came from a day dream of what might be nice to wear for a party held in a building that contains Grecian styled pillars and art. 

I wanted to pick up on the theme of the day dream, so I made a frame by using an old paper image, recolored it to be a greenish tint, and used it as the main mat. It kind of looks like green marble, which adds to the feel of  pillar halls and glamorous stone flooring. The last detail was to use flower motifs as a frame. They seemed to add more life to the picture, and remind me of vine flowers which can grow around pillars and near rocky shorelines; again an extra detail for adding more expression to the theme of the outfit.

The design itself was actually adjusted quite handsomely (left), being that I wasn't very satisfied with the original image (right). The model was too short for my taste, and her arms too long for her legs; her shawl was rather confusing being that it vanishes suddenly when we pan over to her right arm. To fix these two problems I put the figure into Photoshop and first selected her skirt and bottom blouse section, then carefully stretch it out to make the illusion of height. As for her shawl, I selected the appealing part of her shawl from her left arm, then I duplicated layer, reversed it horizontally, and adjusted it over her right arm. This resulted in symmetry which is far more appealing than the original. 

I do plan to redraw each fashion design posted so far, that includes this gown. As a tip though, if you know how to work digitally and aren't satisfied with something, you can slightly adjust and change it on the computer if need be. Sometimes little accidents and mistakes can be rendered on the computer to fit your taste and satisfaction. 

One last detail, this design was drawn out with a black marker pen, colored with teal blue markers, and accented with a gold jell pen (used for details and jewelry on design).

 Enjoy and stay tuned for more. ^.~

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