Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Gesture" illustration renewed

 "Gesture" a picture I made for Illustration Friday, has to be one of the most interesting illustrations I've invented, which associates to a story idea I came up with, and based this image off of. To view the original post with details on process and story background, go here. the image above has been renewed, using split scan and merge methods. Being that these images are 11x15, stands to reason I have to scan them in sections. I also went and tweaked levels; and increased the blue areas of the eiffel tower where it domes, and in the middle where the triangle shape is. Those spots didn't get a good coat of watercolor, so I fixed that digitally.

(Left) original photograph of the picture. As you can see, it's colors are quite muted compared to the scanned and adjusted version above. That and it's not perfectly cropped. You can still see the paper pads wires, and can just tell it's a photograph. 

To my surprise, scanning the image actually brought out more of the 3D effect of the foam pads the characters are on. That's why a shadow is slightly cast around their shape, because they aren't level with the backdrop, and rather levitating above it. I'm quite happy with this renewed edition, and still have future plans for the sweet little story backdrop to match this picture. ^.^

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