Monday, July 1, 2013

Aqua Flow- fashion

 Today's fashion panel, "Aqua Flow" obviously has to do with water. This design was drawn right beside "Flower Frilly" which is why the style is the same. The blouse is a little wonky, but no matter, someday it will be remade.

This dress design was a result of handling new metallic colored pencil. I experimented with them by coloring a fashion design based on my current mood for aquatic colors. Note the hair is bunched up in such a way that it looks like jelly fish; the blouse was colored with a gray blue, like salty foam of the ocean before a storm, and the swirly patterns on the blouse are meant to look like seaweed. The skirt was meant to look flowy and water like, and the outfit as a whole was again inspired with me in mind, of what I'd wear if I lived near the shore. 

The backdrop was made to match the theme of the dress, hence I included decorative Nouveau fish at the bottom and framed the image with patterns that matched just enough for appeal. Again I used a free blog backdrop, a few Nouveau motifs, and a decorative frame from my Photoshop gallery. The panel came out looking like seaside wallpaper in a beach side bedroom, complete with an old framed mirror which the fashion figure spins in front of to see how flowy her skirt really is. The background again, helps express the theme of the dress and aids in making it pop a little better. 

(Below) The improvements are subtle in clean up. I didn't have much to do other than add the picture to a pure white backdrop, and again adjust the levels. Original (left) cleaned (right).

More fashion panels to come, enjoy and stay tuned. ^.~

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