Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Gesture" illustration renewed

 "Gesture" a picture I made for Illustration Friday, has to be one of the most interesting illustrations I've invented, which associates to a story idea I came up with, and based this image off of. To view the original post with details on process and story background, go here. the image above has been renewed, using split scan and merge methods. Being that these images are 11x15, stands to reason I have to scan them in sections. I also went and tweaked levels; and increased the blue areas of the eiffel tower where it domes, and in the middle where the triangle shape is. Those spots didn't get a good coat of watercolor, so I fixed that digitally.

(Left) original photograph of the picture. As you can see, it's colors are quite muted compared to the scanned and adjusted version above. That and it's not perfectly cropped. You can still see the paper pads wires, and can just tell it's a photograph. 

To my surprise, scanning the image actually brought out more of the 3D effect of the foam pads the characters are on. That's why a shadow is slightly cast around their shape, because they aren't level with the backdrop, and rather levitating above it. I'm quite happy with this renewed edition, and still have future plans for the sweet little story backdrop to match this picture. ^.^

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Squid and Jelly-illustration

 "Squid and Jelly" is quite an old image, dating back to around 2007-2008. I made this picture in an 11x14 sketchbook, drew it out with pencil, outlined and colored it with cheap markers. 

The backdrop, a very recent addition to this piece, was achieved digitally. I took two different images and changed them in Photoshop by using the paper cut out adjustment. This resulted in a fantasy like canyon in the ocean, complete with colorful coral beds. I wanted to make the backdrop so it looks like a close up of one of the coral beds in this canyon, where you find a happy squid and its jelly fish friend.The base elements did sort of blend with background colors though, so I went ahead and outlined the foreground pieces.

(Left) this is what the image is like without backdrop. Again I had to use split scan and merge methods to get this image onto the computer. From there it was pretty easy though, just a few level adjustments, erasing, and aligning. Pretty good for an old piece of art.

P.S. figured it would make sense to share a squid image right after posting about a squid apron. The two kind of connect. ^.^

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Squid Apron-fashion

 The squid apron design was a result of a funny little day dream of what you could wear in the kitchen to cook seafood. I like thinking of ways to make cooking time fun, keep clean, and look funny all in one. I thought, what a great idea, make themed aprons based off things in nature, like a costume for cooking in, essentially. The apron is made to look like a squid which fits around you; the bottom has large, colorful rick rack strips for tentacles, just decoration basically; and the eyes of the squid are actually pockets. 

When designing this apron, I drew a bowl of food in the models hand, based off one of my favorite Korean dishes (a name I can't even pronounce or read) consisting of tender fried squid, served on noodles, and smothered in a sweet but spicy hot sauce. This is why I made the backdrop look like an Asian restaurant, or an Asian based home. I simply used some basic motifs, adjusted the color for the floor, and purposely added a blue backdrop which resembles fish scales, to add that extra seafood them to the image.

Below, an image of me being an absolute goof, eating my favorite squid dish. See the yummy pile of food? That's what the model is holding in her silver bowl. A quick note, I based the food bowl in the model's hand off the silver rice bowl to the right in this picture. 

Below, just reference to the original pencil drawing (left) and the completed and enhanced version (right). The picture was inked with a marker pen, and colored with mostly La Plume markers, with just a hint of Prismacolor pencil on the skirt and silver bowl. Final touches were to place the figure on a pure white backdrop, and adjust levels.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Midsummer Knight" illustration renewed

"Midsummer Knight" an original art piece dating back to 2011 (See original post here for details) was made for Illustration Friday based on the word of the week. The original version was photographed, and not very well displayed, so I set out to renew this quirky, fun piece. I went through several steps to renew this picture; the first was to make a split scan and merge the two sections together, as I did for the illustration "Obsession". Then I tweaked sections which needed better color, and settled on adding a few extra touches like additional lightning bug glow, and placing a blue filter over top the image for a more evening light feel (above). I think the one with additional lighting spots and blue filter is the best choice for a main image to display...but then again the original version still seems to have more impact. 

(Below) I list the original version without a blue filter but still retaining light spots. It's very pleasant, just much warmer in tone, and therefore more of an early evening light instead of late evening light. I felt it needed to be a little later in the evening, which is why I added a blue tint, but the warmer version still seems to be better.

 Original version (left) turned out great considering it was split scanned and pieced. As you can see, the dream bubble doesn't quite pop in this version, and the image isn't as magical feeling as the versions where I added additional lighting to the little gel pen dots which represent lightning bugs. Originally the gel pen was a yellow green color, but the scanner made them appear white, which is why I went and added extra flair to the barely noticeable dots.
 The Original photograph (above), isn't too bad as a general peep at the project; but as a final image for clear, crisp viewing, it's not so great. The details are considerably diminished by flash, and the colors are muted compared to the quality of a direct scan. Also, some of the edge details are lost due to minimal lense room on an old camera which doesn't have a wide screen option. Because of these set backs, I'm entirely happy about how the renewed version has turned out, regardless of the time it takes to make a split scan and assemble the halves together.

(Below) the picture when it's been split scanned and awaiting to me merged and adjusted. Amazing what you can do with a scanner and Photoshop isn't it? ^.^

Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Obsession" illustration renewed

 If you read back on this post here you'll find the new version of the image uploaded there as it's listed above. As I state on the preceding post of this illustration, I made the image for Illustration Friday based on the word "Obsession". I thought about myself in that moment, and made a picture based off my two obsessions; towers of paper, and cups full of pens. The girl is quite whimsical, and represents me in a few ways; her expression representing my delight of having two of my favorite things present in front of me, her outfit expressing my frilly taste for fashion that matches my personality, and her long flowing hair and green eyes a reflection of myself, but not exact to me.

 The original image; photographed, cropped, and left as is (above) is all right for a photograph, but to me it lacked crispness and purer color, so I went ahead and scanned it to see if that would look better. Being that the paper I worked on is quite large, and the scanner fairly small, I have to scan my larger works in sections. Commonly they can be scanned as two sections, but it is a fairly irritating challenge to align the two halves and hope it's not too noticeable that the image is in fact two sections put together. In this case, for this image, you can barely tell this is the method I used, the only thing you have to do is hold ctrl while adjusting on programs like Photoshop, otherwise it tries to auto align and that makes it impossible to align the image as exact as possible.

So this is my challenge, and I plan to renew all my older pieces, hopefully for the better, by means of the split image scan method.

Illustration clean up

Since a large majority of my art pieces on this blog were taken with a camera,  I'm not very satisfied with their quality. They don't contain the impact of a nice clean image; which is why I've set out, starting today, to attempt scanning and piecing my works together. Unfortunately two of my scans weren't successful today, and will have to be done at a later time; however, the one illustration "Obsession" was successful, and I will post about it after this intro post. 

The images below are three 2011 dated illustrations, all of which I feel need to be scanned, pieced, and adjusted for better viewing. 

The illustration "Obsession" (left) is the one that came out successful; sadly the other two "Midsummer Knight's Dream" (bottom left) and "Gesture" (bottom right) did not turn out correctly, so they're still in line for scanning.

I'll include details on how I transfer these images to the computer, and one of the main reasons I used a camera before is because I didn't know how to use the scanner. ^.^

 Just so you can view these illustration and read of their process, here are the links to their pages, strait from this blog. And for all my illustrated pieces, be sure to check out my new (illustrations and sketches) section of the blog.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Spring Gown-fashion

 "Spring Gown" a flowing green dress with pink flower accents, was based off a Medieval fashion idea, hence there's a teared belt on the dress. This drawing dates back around the same time as the "Onue-Koro Dress"; note the scratchy pen style and not at all perfect model. I do believe this design was based off a day dream of what I'd wear in a flower filled forest or garden. The sleeves of the dress are meant to look like flowers cuffed over the shoulder, with leaf lace standing up behind them, and translucent green fabric draped from underneath them. The model wears a woven circlet on her head, even if it's not very noticeable, and the dress's theme is kind of flower fairy based.

The background is made of two different desktop images compiled and adjusted to look like a plant filled forest or garden path, complete with blossoming bushes and a swirly vine tree. The image can serve well as a book cover as well as backdrop, and adds an instant spring time feeling.  

Below, the picture dearly needed clean up. The tinted paper with shadowed areas of the original (left) muted out the figure and is good for making the picture look old, but I wanted it to stand out. So I cut the figure from the backdrop and put her on pure white, adjusted levels, and there we go clean and vibrant (right).

 Hope you enjoyed all the fashion posts listed from "Artsy muse, past fashion clean up" post. Stay tuned for more fun projects and designs. Happy blogging. ^.~

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Onu-Koro Dress-fashion

 "Onu-Koro Dress" is a Bionicle based outfit, inspired from the colors and themes of Onu-Koro, underground earth element village in the Bionicle series. I was day dreaming one day about what my character would wear to Onu-Koro; my choices were obviously black with hints of color. I figured if you want to look stylish, but play it safe while underground, why not have an outfit which has luminescent decorations on the black material, so when you're in the dark, your outfit will glow and let people know where you are. And while you're at it, mind as well have matching jewelry, knee high socks, and shoes which glow too. Speaking of which, I did in fact add glow in the dark paint to the skirt details of the drawing,  just so I could remember the designs are meant to glow.

For the backdrop to this outfit, I took two different desktop images, used the corner of one, changed the hue and adjusted levels for the other. I was going for a theme that fits the Onu-Koro plant life, which I based the outfits designs off of, see below. I think the backdrop and odd blue color matched quite nicely. Last I added a Nouveau text frame, and wrote Onu-Koro in Matoran for an extra touch to the picture.

My color choices and style for the outfit are based off a scene from the Bionicle "Mask of Light" movie, where a character named Takua is observing a squiggly, luminescent plant life growing in the old tunnels of Onu-Koro. (left) The luminescent designs on the outfit are based off the plants in this scene.

 The outfit is based more off the movie version of the village, but I give reference as to what Onu-Koro  looks like in game version (left). 

This fashion design is far from perfect, the proportions aren't too great, and the design could use a few tweaks. In the future, a better version will be made, and hopefully the proportions will be better.(Below) Just a quick side by side of what I did to clean this image. I simply copied and pasted it to a white backdrop, and adjusted levels....unfortunately I can't really fix the sketchiness of the colored pencil, so it looks kind of scratchy, but the design is still fun. ^_^

Only one more design to go from the "Artsy muse, past fashion clean up" post, so stay tuned. ^.~

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tooty Fruity Frilly-fashion

"Tooty Fruity Frilly", name kind of jingles doesn't it? I was in a very colorful mood at the time, and a pretty skirt design came to mind, one of green with pink ruffles. I must have been feeling kind of tropical when I made this; the idea most likely associated with another day dream which takes place on some tropical island, thus leading to vibrant colors and flower themed jewelry. I can see this outfit being worn during a warm sunny day along a coast line filled with flowers and fresh fruit; the skirt material light weight and breathable, which sways and ruffles in the gentle wind.

For the backdrop I used three different desktop images, and actually had to work more on this one than I did the others. I changed the hue of one, and made it slightly translucent, which is how I got that blue green color in the backdrop. I then placed the improved overlay onto a pink backdrop which had a nice pattern to it, and adjusted its levels. Then I felt it needed a little something extra, and made it complete by adding some selected flowers to the corners, also made slightly transparent. It took a lot of level adjustments, hue adjustments, and transparency adjustments to get the backdrop; but I think it turned out good enough for matching the color and theme of the outfit. The backdrop makes me think of three things; sweet scented tropical winds, creamy fruit smoothies, or a design for a tropical fruit shampoo..specifically the right edge with the curved pattern on it. (I might use that idea sometime in the near future).

Just for comparison, original design (left) is muted in color and more dreamy because the amount of white reflection, and I simply increased the vibrancy of the image (right) with the same method I've used for each design, just adjusted the levels. The pose of this design isn't appealing to me, granted the outfit itself still pleases me, which is why I will definitely redraw this design on a better model someday in the future.

 Only two more panels to go from the "Artsy muse, past fashion clean up" post, so stay tuned. ^.~

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grecian Teal gown- fahsion

 "Grecian teal gown" is one of the first fashion designs I ever drew in my fashion notebook (someday to be shared). I was dreaming of teal blues and silky fabric that drapes and flows like liquid, yet clings close to shape. This lead to a sketch which is based off more of the Grecian styled clothing where you have a large piece of fabric you wrap around yourself, like a sari. The blouse is the part you wrap, and the rest is an under dress complete with silky shawl. I do believe this idea came from a day dream of what might be nice to wear for a party held in a building that contains Grecian styled pillars and art. 

I wanted to pick up on the theme of the day dream, so I made a frame by using an old paper image, recolored it to be a greenish tint, and used it as the main mat. It kind of looks like green marble, which adds to the feel of  pillar halls and glamorous stone flooring. The last detail was to use flower motifs as a frame. They seemed to add more life to the picture, and remind me of vine flowers which can grow around pillars and near rocky shorelines; again an extra detail for adding more expression to the theme of the outfit.

The design itself was actually adjusted quite handsomely (left), being that I wasn't very satisfied with the original image (right). The model was too short for my taste, and her arms too long for her legs; her shawl was rather confusing being that it vanishes suddenly when we pan over to her right arm. To fix these two problems I put the figure into Photoshop and first selected her skirt and bottom blouse section, then carefully stretch it out to make the illusion of height. As for her shawl, I selected the appealing part of her shawl from her left arm, then I duplicated layer, reversed it horizontally, and adjusted it over her right arm. This resulted in symmetry which is far more appealing than the original. 

I do plan to redraw each fashion design posted so far, that includes this gown. As a tip though, if you know how to work digitally and aren't satisfied with something, you can slightly adjust and change it on the computer if need be. Sometimes little accidents and mistakes can be rendered on the computer to fit your taste and satisfaction. 

One last detail, this design was drawn out with a black marker pen, colored with teal blue markers, and accented with a gold jell pen (used for details and jewelry on design).

 Enjoy and stay tuned for more. ^.~

Monday, July 1, 2013

Aqua Flow- fashion

 Today's fashion panel, "Aqua Flow" obviously has to do with water. This design was drawn right beside "Flower Frilly" which is why the style is the same. The blouse is a little wonky, but no matter, someday it will be remade.

This dress design was a result of handling new metallic colored pencil. I experimented with them by coloring a fashion design based on my current mood for aquatic colors. Note the hair is bunched up in such a way that it looks like jelly fish; the blouse was colored with a gray blue, like salty foam of the ocean before a storm, and the swirly patterns on the blouse are meant to look like seaweed. The skirt was meant to look flowy and water like, and the outfit as a whole was again inspired with me in mind, of what I'd wear if I lived near the shore. 

The backdrop was made to match the theme of the dress, hence I included decorative Nouveau fish at the bottom and framed the image with patterns that matched just enough for appeal. Again I used a free blog backdrop, a few Nouveau motifs, and a decorative frame from my Photoshop gallery. The panel came out looking like seaside wallpaper in a beach side bedroom, complete with an old framed mirror which the fashion figure spins in front of to see how flowy her skirt really is. The background again, helps express the theme of the dress and aids in making it pop a little better. 

(Below) The improvements are subtle in clean up. I didn't have much to do other than add the picture to a pure white backdrop, and again adjust the levels. Original (left) cleaned (right).

More fashion panels to come, enjoy and stay tuned. ^.~