Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sparkly Heart Flowers Tut

Remember those large confetti hearts I made last summer? ( Well, here's a fun project I used them for, if you want to make a flower that's kind of like a rose, sparkly, and easy to make. So sorry this is an extremely late post; I intended to get this finished back in February as a special Valentine's Day project.... but unfortunately didn't. Oh well, flowers are in season whether they be made of paper hearts or not, and can still make great gift for any ocasion. ^_^

These flowers serve as nice pins, or purse decor... I took some time to finally talk about them since I wanted to make the pictures look nice before uploading.

I went ahead and made several pink ones, a blue one, and a teal one. You can make your heart flowers out of anything you want, just as long as the paper is sturdy. I recommend using medium weight papers and scrapbook paper for these, so they hold up as pins and decoration.

 The teal blue one has a white tissue paper center, rather than being made of streamer paper. You can use whatever kind of paper strips you want for the center.

Have fun making your very own heart flowers, and hope you enjoy the tutorial video below.  ^.~

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