Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flower Frilly- fashion

 Today's improved fashion design is named Flower Frilly..guess that's all that came to mind at the time. I designed the outfit based off pink flowers, which is why the blouse is a nice green color like leaves, the sleeves a belled flower shape which drape gently on the shoulders, and the hair is bunched up with flower petal scrunchies.

 I love the colors and dustiness of  this fashion panel, assembled with a free blog backdrop and a selected pink flower bunch from an old postcard. The colors worked surprisingly well together, and with a little adjusting I managed to pick up on the hints of green in the border, just enough to coincide with the blouse and shoes of the outfit. It wouldn't have been complete though without a little pink thrown in to match the skirt and pink accents; so I added a dusty pink flower bunch to opposing corners, and it worked perfectly.  

See how much a simple backdrop can do for an old design? Now when I look at the image I think of pretty cottages and creamy chalk paints; a great improvement in my eyes. (Speaking of age, I do believe this image dates back to about 2008 or 2009.)

Below, just so you could see my process, the original is a little more muted in tone and crispness (left), and then I go in and adjust the levels to help the colors and details stand out a little more (right). This design was sketched out with a fine tipped, inky pen, and then colored with Prismacolor pencils. Each outfit design is made with me in mind, which is why I always like adding flowy hair and extra frills. 

Stay tuned for future fashion panels. ^.~

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