Saturday, June 29, 2013

Artsy muse, past fashion clean up

 I've been on and off of projects, working on books, sketching out new designs, and planning out craft projects; but the one thing I've been doing most of is adding an extra pop to my past fashion designs. Though they may be old, they were a learning experience and muse of my youth. To me, each design is to be cherished, regardless of age, and I feel that with an extra touch they can be seen as a new piece of work.

Below I've displayed six of my designs, each of which now have backgrounds to fit their themes. But I'm keeping the completed works for later sharing; for now I'm just showing each image as they were before I cleaned them up and placed them on backdrops. Here's the fun part, each backdrop I've assembled for these fashion designs will be used again; I plan to one day redraw the fashion designs, and place the new versions on the very background I used for their predecessors. For now though, the original images still hold a certain beauty to them which will serve as good reference for newer designs.


 If you take notice, as time went on in my designing, my style slightly increased. Above it started off sketchy, movement rather stiff.

Then it goes to a little smoother in lines and gets more vibrant.

And a little later in time  it's still sketchy, but I start to add faces to my figures now and then.

I plan to get posting about each fashion piece and it's new backdrop, and have many more designs still being cleaned up and improved; so be expecting all that good stuff in later posts. ^_~

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