Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Improved bath brush image

My recent projects have involved improving old photographs and compiling them together in panels for a cleaner, and more professional appearance. 

I blogged of this bath brush back in 2011, see here (I give more details about how the brush was made if you click the link);but the images never satisfied me. Thankfully I remembered that I already wrote a post about this project, and simply replaced the old pictures with the new and improved ones. For those geeky/nerdy types out there..some of you may know why this project is posted on my Bionicle blog; it is of course because my name is written in Matoran on the brush. 

In the above panel I figured sharing the brush in stage one of pencil marking, stage two completed, and reference to my design process for the brush, was a good way of quickly showing the stages all in one. But since I like bigger close ups, I've also included the improved images on their own (below).
 side by side

pencil base design

Surprising what a little improvement does for an image. All I did was extract it from the old backdrop, improved lighting, and pasted it onto a flat white backdrop. Tada, perfection!..... Or at least good enough. ^.^
Happy blogging, and stay tuned for future projects. ^_^

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