Friday, May 24, 2013

Face in space- journal intro image

  A recent experimental project I started alongside the massive load of projects to be started and in the making of, are these journal intro images. I made them as a label for the inside of my small 2010-2012 journal (click here for post to that project- which is why I call them intro pages, rather than a cover; though they can easily be used as a front cover. Figured it would be fun to make it celestial, and put an old picture of myself on this intro label, with name and years listed. I felt it would be fun to add that extra personal touch to a journal filled with my story.

  Now, as an art piece, the main image above stands all right alone; but it didn't seem to match the color scheme of my book. So I completed the image as an experimental postcard, and went on to make two more choices which contained a better color scheme for the intro of my journal. This resulted in the two intro pictures below. 

At first I tried to keep the the helmet and hair version, and just made adjustments to the color.... but, there's something which seems somewhat off about the picture when it's in that version, and I'll explain why in a moment. Because I wanted to get a feel for the natural side, I took the same picture of myself and put it on my chosen background to see which one looked better. In the end, the natural one (left) looked more appealing than the zany fantasy based one (right).  Now here's the reason the celestial fantasy version may seem a little off somehow; the focus and pixel size of my image is a lot lower than the pixel quality of the helmet and hair. Reason being is because the picture of myself was taken with a webcam, and therefore isn't the clearest quality. The hair I added was from a scanned image, and the crown is composed from parts of a fractal image; both of which have a higher pixel quality. This is why I call the pictures experimental, because I feel they could use more work, but for now will have to do for my developing projects.

I feel that the natural one is the better choice for my intro page, though I do still like the fantasy based one...even if it seems a little off. I just look at it as a collage, which it is, just in a digital format. 

 My main goal was to match the color scheme of the intro page to that of the outer cover; which is why I took the blue space image, made it a purple tint, and isolated a spot of the picture I liked most as a composition (had to flip the backdrop 90 degrees left for that). At first I experimented with the fantasy version on my new backdrop choice, changed the color of the helmet to green, feeling there needed to be some green in there to match with the green on the book cover. I then added in text and played around with styles. After that I still didn't feel quite satisfied, so I went on to make the natural version, and asked for some opinion from others before settling on that choice.
     A detail I would like to further mention about is how I did the helmet. There's something I really like about the helmet; it just seems to have this really interesting sci-fi, aquatic, plant like feel to it. The way I made it was by selecting a certain section of this interesting fractal image, adjusting color, and playing with the perspective. To get the full helmet, I doubled the selection and flipped one part of it 180 degrees; this is why the helmet has double frill. I think it's beautiful, and may design a costume to match it someday in the future.

Back to the craft table for me. Enjoy and stay tuned for more projects in the near future. ^_~


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