Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fabfric Design Contest

FabricContest_WAS FeatureRecently I've been encouraged to join the WeAllSew Pinterest Fabric Design Contest. 

This is a first time try for me to design my own fabric prints, and in a dream sort of way, a chance to maybe be recognized and possibly offered a future opportunity in design.
I did of course have to make a Pinterest to join. For details behind this contest I've joined, you can view the contests details here.

So far I've submitted a total of five designs, but may submit five more; still pending on the idea. You can view the entries to this fabric contest here to see all the great designs submitted by other contestants. 

I was in an all out whimsical, tropical mood for my designs. If you'd like to see what I've done so far, here's my board for fabric/paper  patterns.

Just to make the post more colorful though, you can view all my designs below.

 The most favored one seems to be the bottom last to the right in the above display, which I call, "Coral Patch". Two of my designs, the last one and the top one are specifically made with a skirt pattern in mind. The rest are just simple patterns for any use; from shirts, skirts, curtains, and more. ^_^