Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rainy Day

Okay, so it's been rainy, then turning really cold, then dropping large chunks of wet snow. So today I'm going to take the weather forecast and use it as an excuse to share yet another emotional image which I recently improved. ^_~

 "Rainy Day"

Improved just a few days ago on the 22, this emotional image was originally something else. I made the weeping girl in this image before I made "Drop the Rose". Both were made during a time of shifting in my emotions. Again it was simple, quick, and made to express a feeling in the fastest way possible. Originally the image had a far darker expression to it, and was actually called "Stabbed At Heart" before I made improvements. The original image was made in the swing of a moment, and I didn't really care how it looked while creating it, I was making it simply to get my emotion out. Before the improvement, the umbrella was actually a spear, and the image, like I said, was very dark and made for a mood in the moment. Later on when I looked back on it, I felt it was a little too dark, so I went back in and made the spear an umbrella, turning it to a sad scene of a girl crying in the rain, with an umbrella at her side. It's during this process that I started playing with some textures and different options in Photoshop, to get that rippled wet look as a border and used a special brush for the ink splotches. Final touches were the rain drops, added by the use of a pencil option in the program. 

After those little improvements, I feel the image has become far better than it was before, and expresses the same emotion I was trying to express then, but with a little less darkness involved. I'm now glad to say that I'm happier with this picture now then I ever was before; and the water effects came out better then I anticipated. ^.^  I'm sure every artist out there has art pieces they decided they didn't like later on, and here's my advice; don't give up, just improve it! ^_^

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