Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rain On Me

So I've been posting a lot of black and white pictures lately. I guess I just get in those moods for gray shades and dark clouds. My newest image, yet another product of Photoshop and all its brush textures, is a result of wanting to make something and portray an emotion while it's happening. "Rain On Me" is a result of my not so peppy mood as of late, partly because I've been spending way too much time at this screen with very little option of escaping for awhile.

I guess the picture is a symbol of current mood; gray, tired, waiting for something new and finding nothing... or something like that. 

This newest sketch gives me a reason to say, the internet leaves me deprived. Here's the thing, for all other artists out there to hear; if you have something arty to attend, if you have time to meet up with arty friends that you actually care about, if you find that you have something good to do and you have viewers on the internet or in real life... you're lucky. Lots of people have their down days, I have them all the time, and that's because where I live. I dream to escape, start a little artists coffee shop somewhere, talk with people who have a sense of humor and know where I'm coming from, and just live in peace. Which, at the moment, and for nearly 15 years of my life, hasn't been an option. The food where I live is terrible, there are no art places to visit, people have no sense of humor and don't know how to be creative and share ideas, art shows are non existent, and my state is like death for a creative mind. I read on the internet and other places, and I always feel like everyone else is at least gaining small opportunities, while I sit around and am deprived of few if any.

So.....current mood of THIS artists; wanting escape, wanting creativity, creating and having a lot of ideas, but swaying near the edge of a sour feeling.

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