Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Irish Dancer

Here's an old image I did when I was much younger, of a little Irish dancer. At the time I had little experience in the workings of paint programs, so the picture is rather squiggly in detail. 

My inspiration I do believe was based off an Irish Dance costume I had for my American girl dolls, and I wanted to make a lively picture based off the cute costume. Though the picture isn't well defined in some ways, it still portrays the emotion I was going for; a lively little dancer prancing around in the green grass of home land fields. Kind of has a story book feel to it, like it attaches to a bigger tale and this is just a peek at the ending of it. ^_^

 Here's a peek at the inspiration. A sweet little dress I loved putting on my Elizabeth doll, and I use to put her hair up in pig tails with little green ribbons for extra flair. See the resemblance to top image and costume? There you have it, childhood inspiration with a festive twist. ^_~

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