Monday, March 11, 2013

Irish Dance Costumes

Since St. Patrick's Day is this coming Monday, I felt like sharing some festive Irish dance costumes that I enjoy. Images I collected are from online, and the credit belongs to those who made the costumes and shared them on the internet; I'm just sharing the ones I enjoy.

I really like the pleated skirt on the dress above, and the embroidery is a major plus on something I would wear anytime. I love Celtic knot work, bright green, and sparkles; so these dresses are just my kind of fashion.
 These two pictures are close ups I found for the dress above.

 This black dress has to be one of my favorites that I found. It's knot work and outline is just stunning. I would love to wear this one. It sort of reminds me of a scifi themed dress mixed with Celtic lore.
 This dress is fun and swirly.. though the elongated torso isn't quite my taste, I love the layers on the skirt, and the designs that swirl across the chest.

 Last on the bright green dress list is this swirly, somewhat cottagey looking design, which has a great design set on the bodice and lower skirt edge.

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