Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh boy..happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! To brighten up the day here's a cute outfit design I whipped up one night on dolldivine. A sweet Irish dance dress, designed specifically with me in mind. I had a different color combination in my mind before I designed it on dolldivine. At first I thought of a mint green jacket with a flared bottom, worn with a pink dress, but it sort of weened to the green and I got something more festive. I still plan to design that other outfit idea, but at the time was feeling too sluggish. 

And to top off the cute costume design, since no Irish dance outfit is complete without a little peppy music, here's some festive Irish music from one of my favorite male Celtic bands "The High Kings".  

Enjoy, and have a wonderfully green day! ^_~

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