Saturday, March 23, 2013

Drop the Rose, leaving past behind

There are some days where as an artist you feel emotionally moved with either a good or bad feeling; this image is a result of those not so on top feelings, that I made several months back.

With just a smooth, quick movement of the digital brush, I expressed my current mood as quickly as I could. Originally the picture didn't have a border, it stood all alone on a white surface, so I went in today and gave it a pretty frame. I made the frame's roses gray like the band on the dress. The whole idea was to make the red rose stand out as the most important part in the picture.

In short, the symbolism in this simplistic piece is quite deep. At the time of making it, I was facing a new turn in my life. After losing a friend I held dear, I realized I needed to let it go and move on, so I made a picture expressing that emotion in a symbolic way; the girl being a representation of me, and the rose representing my friend. And there you have it; art is a wonderful way to express your emotions, and portray turning points in your life in a beautiful, symbolic way that says it all without saying a word. So go ahead, no need to worry about how quick it comes out or how perfect it is, sometimes you just have to express yourself in the quickest way possible, and get that emotion onto the page. ^.~


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