Friday, March 15, 2013

Celtic Jig dress design

Many times fashion designs pop in my head during day dreams; this outfit being one of them. One day I started thinking about two things I like, emeralds and pearls; first I started out with an earring and circlet idea, then I thought about what I could wear with the jewelry. In my day dreaming I sketched up an outfit, and before I realized it ended up with an Irish princess costume for dancing in, with a little bit of my own flair thrown in. I could just see myself wearing it, and then thought of what slippers could match it.

The border and skirt details were added later. I felt it needed some extra green to give it a pop. Originally I drew the swirly skirt designs with a sparkly jell pen... unfortunately it didn't show up during the scan, so I had to go back in digitally and add that detail again. You can see below what the image was like before I tweaked it's details and gave it a frame. Still cute, just needed that extra pop. ^_~

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