Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

 I know Valentines Day is today. So sorry for not having any festive posts to share;  I'm still working on some sparkly heart flowers, video tutorial and photography still needing to be done, hopefully to be shared later this month.

 I had a simple Valentines Day, and had these yummy flower shaped pan cakes today. My mom also gave me a pretty card, and later my dad brought home an assortment of chocolates for everyone. I was also charmed that my mom went out in the morning just to get me peaches for my pancakes.
 I've also had this pretty song stuck in my head. Gives me some art ideas, and helps me relax.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What I've been doing

 Some of you may wonder where I've been, what I've been doing, why is it projects aren't commonly posted; and here's the answer. As you may know, if you read the "About this blog" section, I have many different passions, some of which I embrace more than others. The one passion which remains the strongest, is the passion to combine beauty with machinery, sci-fi based subjects. So the answer to what I've been doing  lies below. I've been blogging away on my other blog which gets all the posts that revolve around one of my favorite subjects, Bionicle. 

I've never shared the other side of my art on here, and I feel now is the time to show just what I do when I'm not working on journals, or craft projects. I feel like I shouldn't have to hide what I love, for fear that it may be too strange for some, and I want to explain my view point on all this.

To me, combining machinery with beauty is essentially a merge between sci-fi and fantasy. On the one aspect you have robots, which tend to come across as a more masculine subject, but girls like robots too....;on the other side you have pretty colors, swirlies, flowers, sparkles, and all the stuff labeled as girly. So you have someone like me, who throws those two passions together, and what you get is a cross between scifi and fantasy; or in this case, really girly robots. 

When I pose my figurines, I love to dress them in pretty clothes and jewelry, making them artfully fancy, just as you would a doll. So what you get is things like a cupid robot (above and below). Dressed in silky fabrics, hinted with gold armor, posed and photographed on the most glittery pink background I could find. In my eyes you can be as girly as you want and still love robots, and that's my passion, so I'm letting it out, and this is what I love.

If you're interested for details behind these cupid robot pictures, here's a link to my other blog for more detail on them.
There's actually a small history I include on my other blog about this character. Her full name is Frona Cupid, and her origin is a result of something from my younger years. So if you like her, you may like the story behind her too. Also, there are a total of 16 pictures for those of you who like girly robots, and you can see the whole set here

I have several Valentine's day themed posts still to come; everything having to do with pinks, reds, and hearts. So stay tuned. ^_^