Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Old art, Snow Fairies

  Dancing in the snow
Sometimes when I look back at old art, I ask myself why it seems I had more ideas in my youth than I do now. I may not have had as much skill in drawing, but in my eyes the idea is what counts. 

While I was looking at some old snow fairy pictures, I felt that with a little adjustment the images could be redeemed and improved as slightly enhanced children's art. In both these pictures (above and below) I liked the ideas that I had for them when I was younger, and they still seem like pretty good art, just needed a little more zest. So I made some tweaks on the pieces, to make them slightly better than before; a little more outline, some light shading, a few highlights. I basically feel that with a little applied experience, old art can either be remade, or slightly enhanced to make it more satisfying.

With this in mind I've been more inclined to appreciate my old work, and turn it into something new, or slightly better. Which in this case I feel both these pictures would make great greeting cards for those who like children's art, or for those who have children that may like a card.

 Frosted Vanity
For the picture at the top, "Dancing in the snow" the only detail it needed was a dark outline around the fairy herself. Just that small tweak made it look so much better.

In the above image I had to do more tweaking than I did with "Dancing in the snow".  I added some shading, filled out the face a little more, added blush and highlights to the hair,outlined her wings and features, and colored translucent white over one of her wings to complete it. 

The concepts for the two pictures is rather fun. "Dancing in the snow" was likely inspired by the song "Waltz of the Snowflakes" from the Nutcracker. I use to love listening to the entire album of the Nutcracker every Christmas when I was younger. 

Now as for "Frosted Vanity"; I figured some fairies come across as rather vain, Tinkerbell sort of acts that way; so I thought about what some snow fairies would be like if they spot their reflection in the ice. That resulted in a picture of an odd looking snow fairy briefly admiring her dress in a set of icicles. 

Both of those ideas would have been lost if I never drew them out, so I'm glad I captured the idea when I had it, rather than cower in doubt about how good at art I was or not.  

These are the originals before improvement.
See the difference a few tweaks make? I put more life into the "Frosted Vanity" picture, and added that extra pop to "Dancing in the snow". 
So don't shy away from old work, just enjoy the idea. ^_^

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years! ^_^

Happy new years day everyone! For the first month of 2013 I plan to get blogging about images relating to snow and winter. Being that plenty of other states are getting snow, and my state isn't, makes me feel left out and irritated. I love snow, and all we mostly get is cold rain. Which is why I'm going to share and make images that relate to a beautiful white winter, in attempt to fill that void.

Image above was blogged about here for a class I took online.