Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pun Page, Spear-A-Mint

Yet another pun page, fit for the season with flowing ribbons and a sweet mint. 
Once more, it's a simple play on words, where I was thinking of the word spearmint and thought spear-a-mint. I guess sometimes those sugar fairies can be a little feisty. XD

I had trouble deciding what colors to use, but settled on pink ribbon and teal, since spearmint is a green blue color. I think it came out fairly pleasant.... and yet, I can't help thinking of pepto bismole, or one of those digestive medicines. ^.^

I used Le Plume markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, and a little jell pen to color this sweet image in my recycled sketch book.

Hope your holiday season is going well. More to come in the near future, so be sure to drop by. ^_~

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