Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pun Page Ear Wig

Here's a great way to keep your ears warm, and all at once stylish for this holiday season; "Ear Wigs!" the newest fashion accessory for every girls' ears.

This is a cheesy pun, I'll admit it. A play on words of an ear wig (obviously a bug) made me think, "Why do they call it an ear wig?" The image of a wig for ears followed after, so I drew the pun as an image in my recycled sketch book, the place where I draw a large majority of my puns.

I used markers, Prismacolor stick pastels, colored pencil, and jell pen to color the picture.

I was going for the big hair look, of a ridiculously frilly wig with pearls and blue ribbon, based off old French court styles.

The season is unraveling quickly, and I have so much to share still, so be sure to drop by. Happy art making. ^_~

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