Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nouveau Christmas Card

 I assembled this card design in Photoshop, using a Nouveau motif, and a few images from Graphics fairy (The background and holly wreath); I also added in sheet music to the book on the piano, tweaked a few areas of the image itself, and colored it the way I pleased.

I made this card for my voice teacher, which is why it's both festive, and music themed. Back on Tuesday I gave it to him; he admired it for awhile, even jokingly said, "I'm surprised Hallmark is printed on the back of this." He was quite impressed by this fun card.

Below is the card after I assembled it. I printed out the image on photo paper... unfortunately it experienced some slight damage, but I figured it increased the aged look; so I didn't fret about it too much. I used a heavy weight, burgundy card stock; which really helped bring out the picture, specifically the main focal point (the lady in her pretty dress).

This Christmas card is what I consider a step up from last years comical card I made for my teacher I decided to go fancier, and wanted something that didn't take too long, but was still appealing as a card. The only thing that took time was coloring the motif image; beyond that it was just a few clicks, and the card was complete.

Above is the inside of my card. It needed a sheet of paper for writing on, so I cut some tan scrap book paper, chalked the edges with some pan pastels, and wrote down the message.

There you have it, a beautiful card for Christmas. ^_^

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