Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Red bird, journal insert

 About a week back I experimented with some new sparkly red embossing powder. Decided to make a Christmas themed journal insert... or winter theme in a sense. I used a bird stamp that looked like a cardinal, added a snowflake up in the corner, and got a decently decorated card for writing on.

I've yet to add a backing to the card for support, probably going to use red paper with white stamping and translucent glitter emboss.... But that will be for another post.

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas. Be sure to visit now and then, I plan to post more on projects I've done with these fun bird stamps during the season. ^_~ 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pun Page, Spear-A-Mint

Yet another pun page, fit for the season with flowing ribbons and a sweet mint. 
Once more, it's a simple play on words, where I was thinking of the word spearmint and thought spear-a-mint. I guess sometimes those sugar fairies can be a little feisty. XD

I had trouble deciding what colors to use, but settled on pink ribbon and teal, since spearmint is a green blue color. I think it came out fairly pleasant.... and yet, I can't help thinking of pepto bismole, or one of those digestive medicines. ^.^

I used Le Plume markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, and a little jell pen to color this sweet image in my recycled sketch book.

Hope your holiday season is going well. More to come in the near future, so be sure to drop by. ^_~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ornament tags

 A little something I did because there weren't any decent tags for this vintage styled Christmas tree paper. I took a few circular tags, curved texture strip stamps on my acrylic block, embossed the designs in gold, then added jell pen and marker accents. That's it, and you get these really simple, yet cute little ornament tags for your gifts this season.

 Close ups of my tags (above and below) I used a green marker for the dots and squiggles at the bottom, a pink metallic jell pen for the center band, and a translucent sparkle jell pen for the faint lines surrounding the pink band.

Happy blogging and art making. Hope your holiday season is going well. ^_^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pun Page Ear Wig

Here's a great way to keep your ears warm, and all at once stylish for this holiday season; "Ear Wigs!" the newest fashion accessory for every girls' ears.

This is a cheesy pun, I'll admit it. A play on words of an ear wig (obviously a bug) made me think, "Why do they call it an ear wig?" The image of a wig for ears followed after, so I drew the pun as an image in my recycled sketch book, the place where I draw a large majority of my puns.

I used markers, Prismacolor stick pastels, colored pencil, and jell pen to color the picture.

I was going for the big hair look, of a ridiculously frilly wig with pearls and blue ribbon, based off old French court styles.

The season is unraveling quickly, and I have so much to share still, so be sure to drop by. Happy art making. ^_~

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nouveau Christmas Card

 I assembled this card design in Photoshop, using a Nouveau motif, and a few images from Graphics fairy (The background and holly wreath); I also added in sheet music to the book on the piano, tweaked a few areas of the image itself, and colored it the way I pleased.

I made this card for my voice teacher, which is why it's both festive, and music themed. Back on Tuesday I gave it to him; he admired it for awhile, even jokingly said, "I'm surprised Hallmark is printed on the back of this." He was quite impressed by this fun card.

Below is the card after I assembled it. I printed out the image on photo paper... unfortunately it experienced some slight damage, but I figured it increased the aged look; so I didn't fret about it too much. I used a heavy weight, burgundy card stock; which really helped bring out the picture, specifically the main focal point (the lady in her pretty dress).

This Christmas card is what I consider a step up from last years comical card I made for my teacher I decided to go fancier, and wanted something that didn't take too long, but was still appealing as a card. The only thing that took time was coloring the motif image; beyond that it was just a few clicks, and the card was complete.

Above is the inside of my card. It needed a sheet of paper for writing on, so I cut some tan scrap book paper, chalked the edges with some pan pastels, and wrote down the message.

There you have it, a beautiful card for Christmas. ^_^

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Featured Artist of Jennibellie Studio TAT

Yes, that's right, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in TAT of Jenibellie's blog. Here's the TAT from today, featuring me ^_^

Being that this is a first for me, to even make myself known on someone elses blog, makes me feel rather awkward. When I wrote out my interview last week, I wasn't feeling well, and therefore feel I didn't do as good of job as I could have in explaining myself as an artists. I made it quite brief, nothing fancy, nothing too poetic either.... just wrote the only things that came to mind for this interview. To be honest, I did the interview to challenge myself, even went bold and revealed my age.. but I figure that doesn't matter, I'm still an artist in some way, regardless of how old I am.

One thing I do want to make clear though, because my featured post isn't the clearest; I (DO NOT) consider myself a great artist, and am making that clear in case I came across as sounding confident in the interview. I'm not confident, and I'm not usually bold either, but I figure at some point if I don't take a few risks, I'm never going to get myself out the door of possibility. 

Thanks to Jenny, I've tried putting my interest in journal making a little more, that's a plus. I've also been watching Jenny's TAT option from the very day she invented it, and have considered trying it from the very beginning. To top this all off, Jenny was the very first blog follower on my blog, and therefore I feel quite happy to participate as a featured artist on her blog.

Here's a thank you to Jenny, for being creative and care free in her art and in sharing with the artsy, internet community; encouraging even the quiet and somewhat fearful artists such as myself, to give it their best shot and stick their head out the door. ^.^