Monday, November 26, 2012

Study Time Dress

  This study time dress, a design based around library visits and schooling, was a simple outfit I thought up in bed one night after watching The Music Man, out of all things.

To pick up on the feel of study, books, writing; and reading in old libraries, I felt the dress should be displayed on an backdrop that picks up on that old, dusty feel. The background came from Graphics Fairy in the background section. I then added some Nouveau motif patterns to help frame the image. I used leaf and vine patterns, since leaves and vines pick up on the feel of Autumn, and fading shrubbery. 

I figure this outfit fits Autumn best, so I'm sharing it before the winter months come around. And truthfully, when I think of books and study, I think of Autumn. Even the outfit's colors, a pleasant yellow with a mix of brown, makes me think of Autumn leaves and cups of coffee.

This image might make a good journal insert in my opinion. Maybe someday I'll print it out and add it to a page, give it some cute ruled paper backing in the same dusty tone, and write something about it, or use it as just a journal spot. 

Hope you're having a good week. Happy blogging. ^_^

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