Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reflection in Autumn

Reflection in Autumn

Another simple illustration I did during 2009 from my favorite sketch book.
I played around with the image a bit, couldn't decide if it looked better with an orange tint like an evening sunset, or whether it was fine the way it was. So I provide both versions above and below (above the enhanced version, and below the original).

The girl in the image is a representation of me, the artists. I guess I made the image dreaming of somewhere I'd like to be, so I could reflect and write in one of my many journals (which is why I drew a book in her lap, covered with her hands like she's protecting a treasure.) 

The mediums I used for this image were Prismacolor colored pencils, and watercolor pencils by Reeves.

I have many projects waiting to be started, and some being finished. Hopefully I can get up another post soon to show you my last journal page I'm doing in one of my small books (which is nearly complete). ^_^ I may also talk about some recent goodies I got, practically all of them in shades of blue, and so much more for later sharing.... so stick around, and stay tuned. :D

Happy blogging. ^_~

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