Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farmer's Wall

 Farmer's Wall, 2009

 Yet another old piece from 2009, done with colored pencil, water color pencil, and marker.

 Being that the end of Autumn is nearing fast, I'm in a hurry to share seasonal images and projects, before Christmas whips around the corner and hits me in the back.

For many days I've been cracking down on video editing, specifically on a pumpkin cake recipe video. Hopefully I can get that made into a video, and uploaded to YouTube in the next few days. 

Being that the next blog subject is about pumpkin, I felt my old image, "Farmer's Wall" fit for an intro post. I do believe I based this image off a day dream of Cinderella checking her nails for dirt; Which is why the girl in this picture is gazing at her hand.

The warm glow of an Autumn sunset, with the scent of hay bales and pumpkins fit perfectly for the upcoming holiday, "Thanks Giving", day of hardy eating...mmmm. 

Farmer's Wall, before color adjustments

The original image of "Farmer's Wall", is far milkier in color since the scanner doesn't capture exact tone. Someday I may make a little post on what might have gone on in this day dream, with the question of what this girl was thinking, while looking at her nails. ^_^

Till next post, happy blogging. ^_~

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