Saturday, November 10, 2012

A sudden time of creativity

Autumn wind fairy.  An inspiration of color from 2009

Lately my creative side has been bustling about; so many colorful ideas passing by like colorful Autumn leaves in a cool wind.

I honestly don't know what's making me have such a surge of artfulness, but I like it, and am wanting to embrace it while I can.

In this month I've been working on a pumpkin cake role cooking video, hopefully I'll get to share it soon. I've also had several book ideas, all of them made of recycled material, with some scrapbook stuff thrown in. One of them is a Smoked Salmon book, another one a cute girly book for anything I please; and the last one a homemade sticker book for fun, and easy storage. Not sure if I'll actually get those made this month, but the idea is what counts, and I've sketched them out so I can go back and make them later.

I've also had several photography ideas, and several more video ideas, piled in with extra projects yet to be made. 

Besides the artsy side of making things, I also observed how to make lip balm last night, and am so pleased to have more for my poor little lips. I was at the end of my bottle, scraping out any bit of cream left to moisten my lips just a little. Next skin care project is to make lotion for my hands and legs, hopefully I can have some of that made in a few days.

A few more details on the picture above. I made it back in October 2009; using watercolor pencil, colored pencil, and pastel. I felt she fit the subject, since she's a colorful Autumn fairy, walking on the wind while colored leaves dance passed her, like colorful ideas carried by the wind.  

I hope to blog about more soon. Hope Autumn is going well for you, happy viewing, and stay tuned. ^_^ 

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