Friday, November 30, 2012

A Passion for Blue

 I've been in the most passionate mood for blue. Remember in last post I said I'd be sharing some new goodies and finished projects? Well here they are. ^_^

Above, the most interesting paper folder I've ever seen. Found it at the office store not long back, and was immediately attracted to it. The wonder of cyber space, mixed with a modern twist on the style of Art Deco, I just couldn't walk away from it. The flow of electric wire and a computer chip for hair, a headphone with its cord coiling downward, and a restful face of a cyber woman enjoying the music just pulled me in. Reminds me of something directly out of Tron. There was also a red version of this picture, but red doesn't appeal like blue when it comes to cyber space. 

Next on my blue goody line are these celestial nail polish colors. I've had such a craving for color, and these little 99 Cent bottles of polish were just so tempting. I don't wear nail polish often; in fact these are the first paints I've put on my nails in the last nine to ten years. I got the metallic base coat, and clear sealant later after my first try with the bottle of super sparkly glitter polish. It didn't dry quite as blue as I hoped, and became a very light purple shade with sparkles the longer it sat. That's when I decided it needed a base coat of blue, then a layer of sparkles, and then a clear coat to seal it, and prevent the rough feeling of dry glitter. 

Even the nail polish remover is blue (above left) they had it in pink too, but I wanted blue.

I've always loved celestial themes, which is why I love royal tones and sparkly things; exactly why I fell in love with these polishes so quickly. ^.^

This notebook (also from the office store) isn't entirely blue, but has that really pretty blue purple color in its details. My mom is the one who was first attracted to the book, and we were amazed by its holographic depth. So we got it to keep as an idea, feeling that someday this kind of hologram would be very interesting to apply as a wall paper in our dream coffee shop... if we ever get one.

And last on my blue list is the final page of my small purple journal, which I've been working in since late Setember of 2010, all the way through November 2012. Being that the last page happens to have lots of blue, I'm pitching it in to this post. 

I will be getting back to the subject of my journal sometime; it needs some decorative end papers and some painted inner covers; I may make a video on it, and share a few images on here along with the video itself. It will likely be some time till I get around to it (being that I have a load of projects as it is, and new ideas come swirling in every day), but sometime I'm going to try to get to it.

So happy blogging, stick around, and hope your projects are going well for this upcoming holiday season. ^_^

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