Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stamped Motorcycle

Recently I've managed to clear off my craft desk, though the small corner is still a mess. And since I have some room for the moment, I made this picture to use in my journal. 

I've always had this idea, and have considered trying it for several months now. Finally, a few nights ago I managed to try it out. I'm actually quite surprised at the results, a beautiful motorcycle constructed entirely out of compiled stamping. I figured it would work, just takes a little thought and careful placement... not to mention inking can be slightly tricky when you only want to use part of the stamp. The only draw back to this, is that stamps don't always release their ink, resulting in faded spots. But I guess it gives character to the image, kind of like it's old and worn out.

I'm still thinking about whether to color the image or not, it all depends on whether it would look right on the journal page. The process isn't complete yet, so I may be posting more images of what I do with the picture at a later time.  ^_~

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