Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spider Web Costume

 Since the coming holiday of Halloween is just around the corner, it's time to share my more festive fashion designs. I invented this costume after having a day dream on what sort of character I could play in a monster film, and thus invented a spider themed dress I would wear, and my name would be Araqna Webster. 

I felt that this fashion design needed a frame or something to help it stand out, and this frame with web corners, and additional tectured underlay did just the trick. Kind of like a framed picture you'd see on a fire place mantel. 
 (Above) Originally the image didn't have long gloves, but medium length. Later I felt it needed longer gloves, and also additional make up to the girl's face, specifically eye decoration.

(Left) original pencil sketch before inking and scanning (Right) Inked image after scanning. For some strange reason the inking process sometimes changes the style slightly. When comparing the pencil drawing to the inked drawing, the pencil drawing looks more angular in the face than that of the inked drawing.

Enjoy viewing, happy blogging. ^_^

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