Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gothic Rose outfit

This Gothic rose dress is quite an old design of mine, dating back at least two..maybe three years. 

I wore black for the past three days, fit the weather; dreary, wet, and chilled. Being that the weather was dark for awhile there, and this is the month of delightfully dark decor,has motivated me to add some backgrounds to a few old fashion designs of mine.

I was going for a neo-Victorian design at the time of making this outfit, and honestly, wouldn't mind having a dress like this for myself. 

With a plain textured base, an attractive Nouveau rose motif, and a gray scale affect on the backdrop itself; I made a background that was entirely satisfying to my taste, and complimented the dark beauty of my fashion designs, this being the first. I'll share the second black and white outfit later.  

(Below) Original design before adjustment, and without background. When alone, it's just a design, but I feel the background really helps this dress stand out more.

Thanks for viewing, happy blogging. ^_^

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