Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Rose party dress

 Once more I'm wearing black today. This is the second outfit I mentioned about in last post for the Gothic Rose dress. This party dress design is an outfit I still wish I could make to this day, with black sequins sewn on to a bouncy, light weight, white fabric. Everything goes by a black rose theme, and black and white has always been a special occasion combination, especially in orchestra. 

I used the same background as I did for the Gothic Rose, since I feel these two outfits match up with each other, and both contain black roses, a perfect theme.

This outfit design dates back to the same time as the Gothic Rose dress. In fact, I might have made these two designs in the same month. 

I've seen purses like the one I added to this dress, that would be a fairly simple accessory to find. The tricky part would be decorating the bottom edge of the skirt, you'd have to do it by hand with some kind of dye.

(Below) original image before background was added. I almost think the background works even better for this one. Gothic Rose was nice, but there's something I like about how it pulls together with this fashion design.
Happy blogging everyone. ^_^

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